Managing a subservicer or the performance of your own servicer is essential in today’s regulatory environment.  Often, this task can be great and require a tremendous amount of investment in infrastructure, technology and people.  Utilizing a trusted servicer provider like PCA can be a great, cost-effective and valuable alternative to internal solutions.


Phoenix Collateral Advisors (“PCA”) principals have decades of experience in servicing products of all types and seasoning to effectively manage your servicer.  PCA utilizes customized scope of reviews developed based on our experience, layered with your specific servicing agreements, industry best practices and federal and state regulations to provide a comprehensive oversight solution.  We combine ongoing loan-level reviews with onsite servicer audits to provide best-in-class surveillance solutions.  PCA goes beyond the identification process and recommends proactive solutions to ensure compliance with best practices.  PCA will oversee the implementation and ongoing surveillance of our recommendations to ensure that the job is truly done.


The servicing landscape has changed dramatically with increased demand for transparency by investors and regulators.  PCA provides robust analytics and servicer performance benchmarking to provide the desired transparency to all parties.

Understanding the metrics required to provide the desired results is the foundation of a best-in-class surveillance solution.  PCA has direct experience in servicing operations as well as an oversight role to provide the required guidance to our clients.


At PCA, we understand the importance of intervention when systemic issues are uncovered.   We provide findings from our audits and help implement solutions.  We can provide onsite implementation assistance, as well as ongoing surveillance to determine the effectiveness of the implemented solutions.

  • Custom Audits

    PCA understands that the objective of each client may differ vastly.  Surveillance can be tailored to meet your specific needs including servicer selection, performance maximization, and adherence to servicing agreements, operational reviews or compliance with industry regulations.

  • Technology

    PCA developed and offers its clients a proprietary interactive web-based technology platform with fully capable asset management and reporting capabilities. This secure technology is web-based and quickly integrates Servicer data files, which can contain hundreds of fields to create a near real-time reporting package. The reporting suite includes over 70 individual reports.

  • Sample Size

    Reviews can be performed on a statistically relevant sample of loans to identify risk across the broader population.  PCA can also review based on adverse selection using loan-level data to identify areas of highest risk.  Sample population can be tailored based on size of sample desired, confidence levels, expected error rates, timeline for review, and costs.