Phoenix Collateral Advisors LLC (PCA) was founded in 2005 in response to market demand for loan level reporting, performance oversight, portfolio surveillance and asset management. PCA has served a multitude of clients including: large global investment banks, origination platforms, big box servicers and special servicing companies. Since its inception PCA has partnered with its clients to perform loan level surveillance and credit risk management on a variety of portfolio and product types

PCA Consulting Services

Phoenix Collateral Advisors (“PCA”) principals have decades of experience in the mortgage industry to offer best-in-class advisory and consulting services related to auditing of best practices, regulatory and investor guideline adherence.  We conduct detailed servicer operational audits, using customized scope of reviews for each audit, layered with your corporate objectives in mind.  We use a combination of on-site reviews in combination with remote loan-level reviews to provide our clients with unparalleled assessments.  Our clients use our consulting services for a variety of objectives including.

  • Servicer Selection
  • Operational Reviews
  • Process Implementation and Improvement
  • Vendor Selection
  • P&P & Servicing Agreement Development


The servicing landscape has changed dramatically with increased demand for transparency by investors and regulators.  As such we understand it is important to mitigate your operational, reputational and compliance risk.

At PCA, we understand that each review is different and we work closely with our clients to understand the objective of the review and tailor our reviews for each engagement in mind.


Our standard scope of reviews is developed by PCA based on decades of experience, industry best practices and industry regulations.  Our customized scope of reviews is created in a collaborative approach with our clients for each engagement.

Further PCA leverages unique strengths, core competencies and industry best practices which contribute to its market leadership.  These strengths and competencies include:

  • Relationships - PCA is affiliated with the Phoenix Companies, which include Phoenix Capital Inc., Phoenix Analytic Services, Inc., and Phoenix Asset Management. Each of these companies is recognized and respected as a leader within the mortgage banking and investment banking community. Further, PCA was founded on the belief that client and servicer relationships will remain the foundation of the business.
  • Experience – PCA’s team consists of experienced individuals with diverse mortgage banking and servicing backgrounds. PCA specializes in default servicing, which includes collections, loss mitigation, foreclosure, bankruptcy, loan administration and REO. PCA’s executives average 18 years in mortgage banking and specialize in credit risk management and asset disposition.


• Servicers  • Banks  • Hedge FUnds  • MSR Holders  • Investors   • Regulators    • Law firms