Phoenix Collateral Advisors (“PCA”) is a residential mortgage servicing and loan-level surveillance firm. PCA was founded in 2005 to assist a large global investment bank in managing a $1 billion portfolio of non-performing mortgage loans. Since its inception, PCA has performed surveillance and asset management on a variety of mortgage servicing platforms, portfolios and product types.


Phoenix Collateral Advisors, LLC (PCA) is a residential mortgage servicing and loan level surveillance firm. Since its inception in 2005, PCA conducts:

  • Whole loan and RMBS Credit Risk Management
  • Servicer/Sub-Servicer Surveillance
  • Vendor and Third Party Management
  • Comprehensive on-site audits (e.g. change management, key performance metrics, regulatory compliance, etc.)
  • Policy & procedure build-outs
  • Asset management on a variety of mortgage servicing platforms, portfolios and product types
  • Expert Testimony

PCA performs residential mortgage servicer audits and benchmarking examinations of servicing platforms ranging in size from under $1 billion to over $50 billion in unpaid principal balance. PCA also specializes in loan level reviews and default loan servicing.


PCA prides itself on market leadership within its unique mortgage servicing specialization while maintaining a longstanding reputation for best-in-class client-centric business practices. PCA understands that the objective of each client may differ vastly. Our services can be tailored to meet your specific needs including servicer selection, performance maximization, and adherence to servicing agreements, operational reviews or compliance with industry regulations.  We work closely with each client on a customized scope of each review.


PCA’s approach is centered around robust Analytics to provide unparalleled transparency to our clients.  We provide individual reporting with detailed exceptions and overall commentary.   PCA provides dynamic portfolio-level reporting including benchmarking, KPI trending and insightful data regarding current market conditions.

PCA prides itself on providing best-in-class, client-centric services that provide measureable, substantive and long-term value to our clients.  Contact us today to find out how can help you with your challenges.